Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Once an order is placed, cancellation is not possible. Once you are fully prepared, place your order. If you have any questions before placing an order, please email us at
In the rare event that a product is damaged or lost in transit, we will offer a full refund.
We offer a 2 day return policy. We only accept returns for the following reasons:
  • Damaged product
  • Incomplete product
  • Wrong product

We accept returns if the return is the result of our error, that is, you received an incorrect or defective item. Email us at with supporting photos to report any damage within 2 days of receiving the artwork.

The product will need to be sent to us in the same condition as it was delivered. will pay return with an amount equal to the amount paid for the artwork

We are unable to offer refunds if you provide an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, or if our shipping agency fails to attempt delivery or the recipient refuses the package. For correct and timely delivery of your shipment, do not forget to include your full address, including any landmarks. Any resending will be charged extra.
The money will be credited to your account within two weeks of handing over your package to the return centre. However, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. This period includes the transit time it takes for us to receive your return, our internal process and bank processing time.
Orders once placed cannot be cancelled or modified for any reason

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, so we have a very generous 2 day return policy on most products. Please
read the full policy below.

*RETURN POLICY* (For orders shipped within INDIA)

If you have made a purchase and you have not received the same product or received a damaged product or
received a different product or received a different colored product or received a product as per our description,
returns will be accepted within a period of 2 days for all these reasons. On the same day of customer receiving
the product and on the next day, send the main reason and photo of the product where it is damaged and the full
photo of the product to our email id and return only after we have informed the customer. Whatever type of
product is received, make a video of the product and also take photos of all angles and also take photos of the
product along with the courier tracking label. After receiving the parcel, the customer should follow the
instructions given below.

* About Term & Policy For Wrong/Damge Products*

If the customer has not received the correct or wrong product in the COD/Prepaid Order  Parchal or shipment, then take care of the same.

(1)If customer receive any wrong product or damaged product, firstly do not break the customer shipment directly

(2)Before the customer makes a video of unboxing or unpacking. The video shows clear views of all four ankles of the Parchal or Shipment bag and you should not miss any corner view. Otherwise we will not accept.

(3)The unbox photo of the parcel or shipment should be clear on all four sides and all sides so that we can do investigation.

(4)If the customer gets the wrong product and the customer does not send us a clear picture or video of all four ankles, we will not accept his proof because in the main investigation, it is necessary to have full video and clear photo, only then courier service can do investigation.

(5)If the customer’s cod or prepaid order main contains wrong product, then for investigation proof, make the photo and video in the corner of the parcel unboxed without breaking the parcel and make the photo clear.

(6)If the customer sends us the video by rotating it from front to back and from back to front, then we cannot accept this video.It is necessary to take video of all the parts of the video, all the four corners, front or back side, left or right side, only then the courier service is able to do the investigation.

(7)If a wrong product or damaged product is received by the main customer through code or prepaid order, investigation is done by sending full and clear video and photo proof of all purchases and a bad main claim is made. The minimum claim period is 45 to 60 days.

(8)If customer gets wrong product and some parts shown in video are missing like all four ankles are not visible and there is no photo of all four ankles then such video proof will not be accepted and will be rejected for refund. We ask the customer to first check the main page in your hand in the right way and then take the video and photo of the main scene so that we can do the right investigation.

(9)If the customer does not provide the true proof and insists on a refund, his final decision or judgment will be referred to the consumer court of our area or city.There will be courts in our city for all disputed customers.

(10)We need true proof for investigation and claim. True proof: We need a round video of all four views of the main part and a clear photo of all four views so that we can do investigation. If the customer is not willing to give us the true and clear video, then the proof number sent to us and the other half will not be accepted.

(11)Half, missing view, unclear video and photos will not be accepted. Only two type ankle, or two type front back view will not be accepted.

(12)Live video is recorded while packing the seller customer’s product (packing box video) so that it can be useful during proof or investigation.

(13)If the customer believes that he has received the wrong product or the same product has not been received then the complaint is investigated on the basis of main complaint. Every parcel is scanned and weighed by the courier company so that it can be checked before delivery to the customer.

(14) We have given the return-refund or exchange policy to the customer. Customer can return the order within 2
days of receiving it. If there is any defect, wrong, damage, effect, different, color wrong, size wrong in the
product then all these reasons can be accepted by the customer.

(15) Before receiving the parcel, the customer should first check the parcel whether it is the customer’s parcel or
that of other persons?

(16) Before receiving the parcel, ask the courier for the name of the courier company and then check the parcel to
see if it has any damage or defect or different tracking or different address. Check this and receive it.

(17) If the parcel is damaged then take its photo and inform the seller and such parcels should not be taken
without checking.

(18) Once the customer places the order, if the order is confirmed, the main and courier tracking details of the
order are sent to the customer through whatsapp or mail. So check or match the tracking details when the
parcel arrives.

(19) At the time of placing the order, the customer should take important information about its term condition,
courier charge, products, delivery, exchange-return-Refund etc. so that after placing the order, the customer
should take some important information. Don’t be sad to meet him.

(20) If the customer does not receive the ordered product, the refund will be made within 7 working days.

(21) If the customer receives a different or damaged or defective or wrong product or not as per the description,
the product will be returned, exchanged or refunded.

(22) If the customer knowingly creates fake video of unpacking and packing, then this matter cannot be returned
or refunded or exchanged.

(23) After the customer receives the same product and the customer wants to return it, he will have to pay
double courier charges and taxes only then the return will be made.

(24) First of all, make a continuous video at the time of receiving the parcel and at the time of breaking so that
there can be proof while returning the product.

(25) Return cannot be accepted after these actions. On fake pack -unpacking video, on keeping the original
product safe and replacing it with another or wrong product, on reaction of not liking the product, on color being
a little light or dark on the product, on cheating with the delivery boy or on not giving payment. Due to all these
reasons, return products cannot be returned to the customer. And if the fee is also being sent to the customer for
returns, then this return will not be accepted and no refund will be given on all these reasons.

(26) More customers are placing fake orders these days and when our courier delivery boy reaches the customer
to deliver the parcel, he refuses to accept the parcel or says that it is not our parcel and we have not ordered it.
Yes main return is shown and the courier charges forward and reverse charges and there is loss. That’s why we
take a small deposit or advance payment from the customer so that there is no fake order, to maintain the trust of
the seller and the customer and to ensure that the order is co site.

(27) Customer’s court matters and judicial issues will remain at our site.

The customer will be responsible for shipping the product to our warehouse. We will not arrange for a courier to
pick up the merchandise from your home. customer will bear the cost of return shipping.
Refunds will be processed in the form of store credit that can be used for future purchases. The store credit will
have validity of 1 year.
Store credit will be issued for the full product price paid by the customer. Cash on Delivery (COD)charges are
Please allow 3-5 business days after the product is received back to our warehouse in Puna for processing store
If you have any questions, you can contact us at
Apart from conditions reserved herein above, the following products shall not be eligible for return or exchange

Any product that exhibits physical damage to the product or is not in the original condition
If the product is customized for you (e.g. -lehenga with custom stitching or Gown, Sharar Suits, stitched blouses,
Lehengas that are made to order (labelled as pre-order) are not eligible for return / exchange either. This is
because these products are uniquely produced on demand.
100% Pure Silk Sarees Dupattas are not eligible for return. These are unique handwoven pieces that are
produced on demand.

Multiple returns from the same customer are also not accepted within a short time frame. E.g. – customers that
order 3+ products within a month, only up to 30% of the total order value can be returned or exchanged. This
clause is designed to prevent non-serious customers from trying out multiple products and abusing our generous
return policy.

Orders placed using store credit (either part or in full) are not eligible for return or exchange.
Orders placed using store credit (part of in full) are not eligible for any discounts.